The following standard terms and conditions apply unless otherwise agreed in writing.

All price quotes are valid for 3 months.

2. Prices
Prises are ex. sales tax, and ex. any applicable state taxes. Elplatek reserves the right to alter prices in the event of significant currency fluctuations or alterations to raw material costs.

3. Delivery
All deliveries are ex warehouse. Delivery is at the purchaser's risk. The seller has no transport insurance. No liability is offered or implied as a consequence of delivery failures or delays.

4. Delivery times
By agreement, normally within 5-10 working days.

5. Guarantee
Products with faults resulting from their galvanic treatment will, where possible, be retreated free of charge, but no liability is offered or implied for costs which the purchaser has incurred as a consequence of the fault. Retreatment products must be accompanied by documentation that confirms that the product was treated at ELPLATEK A/S.

​6. Payment
Terms of payment are 30 days net. Interest charges will be levied in the event of delayed payment. In the event that the purchaser has a complaint about a completed ELPATECK A/S delivery or service this does not entitle the purchaser to withhold payment for said delivery or service.

7. Storage
Customer products stored on our premises are not covered by our insurance.

8. Dropout
Elplatek AS obviously trying to avoid losing - damage some of our customers' products and supply the full number back to our customers, but we can not always avoid the damaged / lost parts of submitted batches.

We will not be held responsible for losses that are smaller or equal to the following:

For drum products and products processed in Vibarel

Up to 500 pieces. 10%
Up to 10,000. 5%
Up to 50,000. 2.5%
Larger and 50,000. 1.5%

For hanging goods are limits as follows:

Up to 100 pieces. 10%
Up to 1,000 units. 5%
Up to 10,000. 2.5%
Larger and 10,000. 1.5%

In addition, there may be losses to sampling for coating thickness measurement and / or other tests as may be necessary for ensuring product quality